An attorney’s fees are payment for the intellectual work carried out by the attorney for the client.

This work can include consultations, study and analysis of the case in question, expert opinions, meetings and negotiations, representation, advocacy and legal pleading for clients in court, correspondence and telephone conversations, writing contracts, notes, conclusions or other procedural acts…

Unless otherwise specified, we apply an hourly rate to this work, supplemented in certain cases by a result-based fee that is dependent on the outcome of the brief.

For certain types of dossiers, we recommend a fixed global fee where the nature of the brief is appropriate.

Other than fees, we also charge expenses which cover secretarial services, transport, procedural costs and other costs we would advance on behalf of our clients such as bailiffs costs and court and administrative costs…

When a brief is on-going, we usually require an advance as well as intermediate payments at defined intervals in order to avoid an accumulation of fees and costs at the conclusion of a case.

A detailed account of services is prepared and presented to the client with each account statement, as well as on demand.

Transparency and foresight

Our practice is to work in complete transparency, which is why we make sure to agree a fee structure with our clients from the outset.

In order to avoid surprises we clearly define our fee policy with our clients in advance, which helps to guarantee greater foresight for clients when it comes to estimating the fee costs.

Legal defence insurance

Legal fees and costs are often covered, wholly or partially, by your insurance policies. If in doubt, you should check your insurance cover and, if needs be, ask your insurance company to include this risk.

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